Grip : Groupe de recherche sur l'inadaptation psychosociale chez l'enfant.
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Baker, Travis Projet: Optimizing multi-modal neuroimaging methods and re-training interventions to examine and improve cognitive control functioning in addiction

Chen, Gang Projet: Suicide and polyamines

Dumais, Alexandre Projet: Violence and suicide

Fortin, Marilyn Projet: Étude du rôle médiateur de l'environnement familial dans la consommation excessive d'alcool des mères et de l'adolescent(e) Inuit

Girard, Lisa Projet: Impact of the early childhood environment on children’s long-term mental health

Hayward, Dana Projet: À venir

Jaworska, Natalia Projet: Neurobiology of drug addiction

Malboeuf-Hurtubise, Catherine Projet: Promoting mindfulness and basic need satisfaction among children with learning difficulties

Maussion, Gilles Projet: Regulation of a truncated form of tropomyosin-related kinase B (TrkB) by Hsa-miR-185* in frontal cortex of suicide completers

Milella, Michele Projet: Exploration of he neurobiological basis of psychostimulant dependence, combining brain imaging techniques and pharmacological manipulations

Orri, Massimiliano Projet: Developmental trajectories leading to mental health: Early childhood risk and adolescent outcomes

Pomares, Florence Projet: À venir

Salla, Julie Projet: Physical exercise and meant health across childhood and adolescence

Sild, Mari Projet: À venir

Teymori, Ali Projet: Joint trajectories of family factors and antisocial behaviours

Vergunst, Francis Projet: The role of self-control in the risk for mental health and educational problems

Zdebik, Magdalena Projet: Developmental trajectories of internalising and externalising symptoms from infancy to adolescence: Risk factors and outcomes

Zheng, Yao Projet: Interface entre les facteurs sociaux et les facteurs génétiques dans la prédiction des trajectoires de consommation d'alcool et de drogue à l'adolescence